15 years of project planning and execution

In the early stages of the planning process the basement for a successful project is set. Based on more than 15 years of successful project planning I know the important keystones to work target-oriented and under the consideration of all technical, legal, and economical aspects. In today’s world in addition,   communication skills become more and more important to keep on the track with public authorization procedures. On-site and long-term experience is an irreplaceable asset in this regard.

More than 500 km of pipelines

The construction, modification, and dismantling of pipeline-bound infrastructure or grids are all complex projects where deadlines and costs need to be met. Safety at work and environmental protection from the very beginning of a project as well as quality management and optimization of logistics are key aspects. Under my leadership more than 500 km of high pressure gas pipelines have been planned and constructed. Today I can draw from this experience.

Up to date maintenance

Today’s pipelines and assets do not suffer classical aging or deterioration thanks to highly developed technical standards. To ensure reliability pipelines regularly get checked and necessary maintenance is executed. However, old pipeline systems have quite different requirements regarding maintenance and repair. Specific knowledge is essential. My personal expertise is in Pipeline Integrity Management Systems, pigging and failure analysis, assessment of pipeline systems of every age, as well as decommissioning and shutdown of pipelines.

Complexity mastered

Large investment projects that are realized over the course of several years need a project management with a strategic approach and with sufficient capacities to be executed in a professional and target oriented way. This is the only way to arrive at solutions that deliver according to the high requirements of investors on quality, safety, adherence to schedules and budget. I have been involved in or lead essential projects for the German and European natural gas supply.